Have you ever had a couple come to you and there’s such a perfect match that you just want to work with them again and again? How is it possible? Some of our clients are already trying to add new types of films to their offerings, perhaps it’s time for you to give it a try too.

When we think of wedding videos, we often picture the beautiful moments of the big day – the vows, the rings, and the first dance. But there’s a whole world of stories beyond just those moments. In this blog post, we’re going to explore how wedding videos can capture not just the wedding day, but also the love story leading up to it and the adventures that follow.

Love Story Films

This type of film is like a little movie about the relationship of the couple. A videographer can film them doing things together, like going on dates or just hanging out. The two might talk about how they met, share funny moments, say sweet things to each other, and show special places, like where they had their first date. 

Video credit: Cinema Works Entertainment

Through heartfelt interviews, engaging reenactments, and poignant footage (sometimes it’s a great idea to add footage from the couple’s smartphones as well), these films not only celebrate the love that brought the couple together but also serve as a timeless reminder of the journey ahead.

Proposal Films

A proposal video is a recording capturing the moment when someone proposes marriage to their partner. These videos are often planned and arranged in secret by the person proposing to create a memorable and romantic moment. 

Video credit: Shutter Shock Media

Proposal videos can vary in style and content, ranging from simple recordings of the proposal itself to elaborate productions involving friends, family, or often hired videographers to document the occasion. Such a film can be shared with friends and family or posted on social media platforms to celebrate the engagement and preserve the special moment for years to come.

Engagement Films

Video credit: Woody Storytelling

An engagement film is like a short movie that tells the story of how a couple got engaged. It usually includes footage of the proposal and moments leading up to it, like planning or choosing the ring. The couple might also share their feelings about getting engaged and what it means. It’s a special way for them to capture and remember the exciting moment of deciding to get married.

Save-the-Date Video (Invitation)

Video credit: Phosart Cinematography

The future newlyweds can also work with a videographer to create a save-the-date video. This can be a little movie invitation that a couple sends out to their friends and family to let them know about their upcoming wedding date. It’s usually short and fun, showing the couple being happy together and announcing the date of their wedding. The video might include the bride and groom and some details like the location or theme of the wedding. It’s a creative way to share the excitement and make sure their loved ones know when the big day is happening.

Bridal Shower & Bachelor Party


A bridal shower and bachelor’s video is a special video made for a bride/groom-to-be. It’s like a little movie celebration organized by friends and family before the wedding. In the video, a videographer can shoot people close to the bride/groom sharing their well wishes, funny stories, or memories they have with her/him. The video might also include pictures or videos of the bride/groom growing up or special moments she/he shared with her/his loved ones.

Anniversary Films

Video credit: Godfather Films

Couples can hire a videographer to create anniversary films to celebrate milestone anniversaries. These films can include highlights from their wedding day, interviews reflecting on their marriage, and footage from their life together since getting married.

Family Legacy Films


Beyond the couple themselves, videographers can create films that highlight the couple’s families and their legacies. This can include interviews with parents and grandparents, old family photos and videos, and stories about family traditions and values – anything you want to save for the next generations.

Destination Wedding Films

Video credit: SheTakesPicturesHeMakesFilms

For couples having a destination wedding, videographers can create films that showcase not only the wedding day but also the destination itself. These films can capture the beauty and uniqueness of the location, as well as the couple’s adventures leading up to the wedding.

Final Words

These are just a few examples of films videographers can shoot for a couple beyond a highlight. What films can you add to our list? Please, share them with us. And if you’re seeking a trusted partner to transform your raw footage into a cinematic masterpiece, look no further. We are here to elevate your wedding film with our expertise in video editing. Contact us today, and let’s bring your vision to life with precision and passion.