Who will I work with?

When ordering video editing at Bride&Groom.video your main point of contact will be our project manager. Your project will be assigned to an editor from our team, who fits your style and technical requirements. Our lead editor will add a final touch to the video before we sent it to you for review.

Is your service like hiring a freelancer?

No. We are a production studio where all editors work full time and are heavily trained by our chief editor.

Where are you located?

We are a US-based company incorporated in Delaware. Our production team is located in Ukraine, Eastern Europe.

How do you differ from other editing agencies?

We created an editing process that helps to:
– save your time
follow your style
– fulfill the obligations under the agreement with your client

Moreover we:
– constantly improve the skills of our team
– provide clear communication

It helps us to deliver always high-quality videos on time

How experienced are you?

All our editors in the team have a solid background in the field and passed our internal exam. Lead editors work day-to-day with wedding projects for more than 5 years.

How many people are there in your team?

We are a team of 38 by now and we are constantly growing.

Do you work only with wedding videos?

We are focusing on weddings mostly. However, we can also edit bar mitzvah and anniversaries videos.

Can you work on multiple projects for me at a time?

Yes. Thanks to our work process up to 10 of your projects can be in progress at a time.

How many videographers do you work with?

We work with 150+ videographers from the USA, UK, and Australia. Almost all our clients stay with us for a long time. And we’ll do our best to make you want to come back after the first video we edited for you.

Will you match my style?

Yes. Before starting we always ask you to fill out a brief form and show some examples of your previous videos to better understand your style.

We wrote an article where we explain the steps we take to follow your style.

What turnaround can I expect?

You’ll receive the video within 10 business days (two weeks).

Urgent projects can be discussed.

Do you have a brief?

Yes, we’ll ask you to fill out a brief form with a few questions about the details of your project.

Do I have to put in instructions?

Video editing is a creative process and our vision of a good wedding movie can be different from yours.

In order to satisfy your wishes and reduce the number of corrections, when filling out the brief form please leave as many notes as possible.

How can I send footage to you?

You can upload your files to our Dropbox (contact us to get a link to upload) or share files from your cloud storage. 

What editing software do you use?

We work in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve

What video formats do you accept?

We accept all common video formats.

Even cellphone videos?

Yes. We’ll do everything possible for a viewer not to see the difference between camera and cellphone footage.

Can you edit 4K videos?

Yes. We work on powerful hardware and use a proxy, so 4K video is what we can do for you.

How long are the videos?

We can work with videos of any length from 1 minute Instagram sneak peak to extra-long documentary films. 

My footage isn't that good, can you fix it for me?

We are not promising to make wonder happen but our editing wizards will do above and beyond to correct stabilization, exposure, sound and so on. Please reach out to us before ordering if you have concerns about footage quality and we’ll take a look what we can do.

Can you sync audio if it's recorded separately?

Yes, sure. We work with PluralEyes and Adobe Premiere functions, in most difficult cases we can do it manually.

Can I give you the music I want?

Sure thing! If you or the newlyweds have some music you want to put to your video just upload it together with raw footage and describe where you want to place it.

Do you provide licensed music?

Sure, we have MusicBed and Track Club subscriptions and we can provide you with licensed music.

Do you include titles?

We can. Just let us know you want titles. You name it – we do it.

Can you use the fonts I want for the titles?

Yes. You can specify what fonts you want to use in titles. We’ll take it from Google Fonts if it’s available there or ask you to upload it together with footage.

Do you color grade?

Yes, if it’s needed to follow your style.

What final exporting settings do you use?

Exporting settings are those you give us in the brief. 

How do I get my edited videos from you?

We send you a Frame.io link where you can watch and make comments for revision or download rendered videos.

Do you provide the project file?

Yes, the project file with all assets will go together with rendered videos.

Do you charge an extra fee if the footage is too large?

If your footage is more than 1Tb or it was shot with more than 4 cameras – please let us know. In this case, we can request an extra fee.

It’ll take ages to upload my footage. Is there any other way to send you files?

Yes, you can send us proxy files. It’ll take less time to upload it.

When the video is ready, we’ll send you the video for review and the project file with all assets. You can export the video with original files on your side.

How will we move forward when I give you my footage for the edit?

– Upload footage to the Dropbox
– Fill in the brief
– Make a payment
– Get Frame.io link for your review within 14 days
– Accept it as it is or leave comments
– Download final videos and project files

How much does your service cost?

You can find our pricing for different video formats on our Pricing page.

If you have any special requests please write to [email protected] and we’ll give you a quote based on your video formats.

How am I billed for my edits?

For the first edit, you can pay a 50% retainer and the rest after completion. Then we work with 100% pre-payment.

What payment methods do you offer?

We use Stripe for payment processing. You can securely pay us using your credit card. As alternative options, we can accept PayPal or ACH transfers.

How many rounds of corrections do you offer?

Two rounds of corrections are included in the cost. 

It may cost an additional fee if there is a re-edit of some video parts during the second round of the correction.

During what period can I ask for the correction included in the cost?

We guarantee a 30-day period of correction. Further, we charge $10/hr for the correction. 

What if I need edits after the project has been approved? How does it work and what's the cost?

It depends on the number of edits and counts on an hourly basis.

Do you have any discounts?

Yes, we have a discount for studios that shoot more than 50 weddings per year. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll discuss what we can offer in your case.

Do you backup the footage?

We keep all files on Dropbox. We can restore files if something was deleted within the last 180 days.

How long do you keep footage? What about project files?

We keep footage for 4 months before deleting from Dropbox. Project files with all assets are kept for 1 year.

Can I be certain you won't use my footage for anything else?  / Is my footage safe? Do you share it with anyone?

We do not use nor share any raw footage outside the company unless we have authorization from you to do so.

I don't want my clients to know that I'm outsourcing the editing.

Sure. We offer a white-label service by default. It means we’ll never let someone know that we put our hands on your videos unless you gave us permission to do so. All the examples you might see on our website or on social media were posted after receiving written consent from our clients.

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