All newlyweds want their wedding video to be the brightest, most unforgettable, and unusual. And it’s possible to convey the amazing atmosphere of the big day in the film with the help of the right selection of music. How do you choose wedding video songs? How do you fill your wedding video with incredible emotions and convey all the feelings of such an amazing day?

Having already edited over 2,500 wedding videos, we have identified songs that will be just a win-win option for any wedding film. We couldn’t stop at one specific genre, so we decided to show our music playlists in several of those most popular. Further, our lead editors shared their personal top choices and explained why they’re just the best. All of the songs were in great request in 2023 and will remain relevant in 2024. 

Top Wedding Video Musical Genres: Best Songs

Romantic Wedding Songs


A wedding is always about love. Morning preparations, vow reading and ceremony, the newlyweds’ first kiss or cake cutting – every moment that will be shown in the wedding video will be filled with feelings. The perfect way to turn it into a real celebration of love is to choose music in a romantic style.

These romantic songs, ranging from slow to fast, are among the most popular, but yet not trite, for wedding films.

1. ▶️ Secret Nation – I See You

2. ▶️ Josh Sahunta – Someone Like You

3. ▶️ CHPTRS – We Were Made For This

4. ▶️ JJ Heller – Your Love

5. ▶️ Rickor – Burning Love

6. ▶️ Holley Maher – Perfect Day

7. ▶️ Marie Hines – New Day

8. ▶️ The Light The Heat – Endless Story

9. ▶️ Companion – To Love Again

10. ▶️ Prince of Spain – Inside

Upbeat Wedding Songs


In addition to endless romance and love, a wedding is also a day filled with fun and emotions. Therefore, songs for wedding videos in an upbeat style can always create an amazing and energetic atmosphere, an atmosphere of happiness and joy.

These songs will definitely turn any wedding film into a fascinating piece of art.

11. ▶️ Punch Parade – GOOD GOOD

12. ▶️ Juliet Roberts – Welcome Back

13. ▶️ Steffany Gretzinger – This Is The Sound

14. ▶️ Utah – On The Mountain By The Sea

15. ▶️ Ben Rector – She Is

16. ▶️ Oh The Larceny – Good Day Coming

17. ▶️ Cameron Ernst – Look Too Far

18. ▶️ Nevada Wild – Brand New

19. ▶️ Leucadia – Feel Like This Forever

20. ▶️ Animal Island – Tonight

Cinematic Wedding Songs


And if you want to create an atmosphere of real cinema in a wedding video, then the cinematic style is best suited. The newlyweds will look like A-class actors in it.

This music style is epic, and it will always be able to evoke the right emotions at the right time.

21. ▶️ Secret Nation – I See You

22. ▶️ Tyler Brown Williams – Forever Was Made For Me And You

23. ▶️ Jordan Critz – Father’s Land

24. ▶️ Why We Wander – First Light

25. ▶️ Jo Blankenburg – Hemispheres

26. ▶️ Tim Halperin – Waiting For Us (Orchestral Version) – Instrumental

27. ▶️ By the Coast – Dreaming of You

28. ▶️ One Hundred Years – Galaxies (No Oohs & Ahhs)

29. ▶️ The Light The Heat – Feel Alive

30. ▶️ Waes Hael – Everlight

Looking for something exclusive? Sound Design is the answer.

But that’s not all! We at Bride& can do the incredible thing – combine all musical styles in one video with the help of sound design. This can make a wedding video even more unique, emotional, and exciting.

With the help of sound design, our editors will help you dive more deeply into the atmosphere of the wedding day and feel like you are inside it, in the epicenter of events, and feel all the emotions.

Our senior editor and team leader Petro gladly shared two projects with impressive sound design and gave his comments on one of them:

🎥 Wedding reel for our client studio


31. ▶️ Generdyn – Stand Alone feat. Zayde Wølf

32. ▶️ 4URA & Nomeli – Savage

“In 2022, this is one of the top projects where I managed to find a combination between cinematic style and modern EDM Upbeat. The incredible combo of these songs and the sound design for the intro give a lot of vivid emotions when watching and make you watch the video again and again! Music fully conveys the emotionality of weddings and is an important component of the entire editing process.”

Petro, Lead Editor at Bride&

🎥 Instagram teaser


33. ▶️ Daniel Deuschle – Going North

34. ▶️ Princess Akaina – Yes Sir

Top From Our Chief Editors

35. ▶️ UTAH – On the Mountain by the Sea

“I’m a fan of upbeat music. In this song, the tempo is constantly changing, as if leading us to a climax. Thanks to the background voice and the rhythm of the music, we’re all excited to see what will happen next and what emotions we will feel. In addition, I imagine fun, laughter, tears of happiness, dancing, and freedom when I listen to this song. This is everything that should be in a wedding video.”

Anastasia, Lead Editor at Bride&

36. ▶️ Łaszewo – Don’t Walk Away

“I think this song is perfect for an energetic couple and a dynamic video:

1) This is an electronic and pop song. Dynamic footage fits perfectly and you can show more creativity than with songs that usually sound in wedding videos;

2) With this song, you can experiment with a non-chronological narrative – so, the story will not be linear, but mixed;

3) This genre is not the most popular in wedding videography, that’s why the film can look more interesting, more creative, and fancy.”

Andrew, Lead Editor at Bride&

37. ▶️ Svvn – Aurora Borealis

“This is a great instrumental song, suitable for sentimental highlights. The rhythm and dynamics of the first half are great for adding voice-overs. Its length and dynamic last quarter make it possible to use it only  for a highlight, instead of considering two different songs. And the sound of the violin is simply mind-blowing.”

Alex, Lead Editor of Bride&

38. ▶️ Y2 – My Way (Can’t Stop Me Now) [With Oohs & Ahhs] – Instrumental

“I chose this song as my top one for wedding videos because you can do very good driving photo shoots, receptions, and dances with it.”

Nikita, Lead Editor at Bride&

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What does it mean to choose a song for a wedding video? It means to influence what will be the memories of the wedding as a whole. We hope that our playlists will make this difficult task a little easier and help you find music for your future projects. Let’s stay tuned!

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