🤔 How do you share wedding films with your clients?

In the fast-paced world of filmmaking, where the delivery and viewing experience are paramount, choosing the right platform is crucial to showcase your work seamlessly and leave a lasting impression on your clients. In this post, we’ll explore three standout platforms – MediaZilla, Vidflow, and EazyFlicks – each offering great features created for the needs of wedding videographers. Our insights are enriched by the experiences of our clients who have generously shared their preferences.


MediaZilla, easy video delivery on all devices

MediaZilla, long established as the gold standard among industry leaders for premium video delivery, offers unparalleled customization, lifetime hosting, and monetization options for an unmatched viewing experience across mobile, desktop, and TV devices.

Key Features:

Lifetime Access: When you deliver with MediaZilla, clients are granted free lifetime access to the content, even if you close your account. Furthermore, as the content creator, you are always in control of the access, whether it’s private, public, or password protected.

Customization: MediaZilla allows videographers to customize the appearance of their delivery pages. This includes adding their branding, logos, and other personalized elements, creating a professional and tailored presentation for clients.

Monetization: With the monetization feature, members gain the opportunity to generate income by selling their videos and add-ons directly through the platform. This functionality provides a straightforward way for users to leverage their content and expand their earning potential. 

Chaptering and Menus: MediaZilla supports chaptering and menu creation. This is particularly useful for longer videos as it allows for organized navigation through different sections of the content. Also, clients can import chapters from the editing program or embedded in the video, which can be used to auto-generate the scene selection menu.

Full Feature Set:

  • Premium Experience on All Devices: MediaZilla enables a Netflix-Style showcase of filmmakers’ work in 4K UHD on screens of all sizes including mobile, tablet, desktop, and TV.
  • Multiple Download Options: Allow clients to easily download the original or compressed versions of the videos to desktop and mobile devices, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  • Robust Branding: Filmmakers can showcase their company name, logo, and contact info on their content, driving traffic to their website and social profiles.
  • Advanced Customization: MediaZilla allows users to customize many style settings within their presentations, including fonts, colors, thumbnails, sizing, positioning, and more, ensuring a unique and cohesive visual identity.
  • Sell Your Videos: MediaZilla enables filmmakers to sell their content globally, providing a seamless way to capitalize on the moment of maximum influence and generate additional revenue on their projects.
  • White-Label Client Experience: Utilize your own custom domain name and embed MediaZilla content on your website for a completely white-label experience.
  • Branded Emails: MediaZilla enables filmmakers to send clients a branded email invite to access their project, complete with the option to save templates for quick delivery.
  • Share Private or Public Links: Send unlisted share links with optional password protection, or make them completely public, allowing for more access control.
  • Secure Private Video Delivery: Built with security and privacy at its core, MediaZilla ensures a secure private video delivery system. Say goodbye to concerns about shared passwords granting unauthorized access.
  • Detailed Analytics: Filmmakers can confirm delivery and track the total and unique metrics for plays, play rate, downloads, and engagement.


Vidflow, a video delivery platform fo wedding filmmakers

Joining the ranks of industry-leading filmmakers, Vidflow promises a premium viewing experience accessible across a variety of devices, from mobile to desktop and Smart TVs.

Key Features:

Fully-Branded Video Websites: Vidflow allows filmmakers to deliver fully-branded video websites for each client, ensuring a professional and consistent presentation of their work.

Multi-Device Accessibility: Clients can effortlessly access their media on mobile, desktop, and TV apps, offering a seamless viewing experience across various platforms.

Downloads Built-In: Vidflow simplifies the process of transferring large videos by integrating built-in download features on both desktop and mobile devices.

Long-Term Access: Each client gallery comes with 10 years of included access, eliminating recurring costs and ensuring long-term availability.

Vidflow, the video delivery platform

Full Feature Set:

  • All Devices: Vidflow enables a professional showcase of filmmakers’ work on screens of all sizes, including mobile, tablet, desktop, and TV.
  • Playback up to 4K: Supporting up to 4K UHD, Vidflow ensures high-quality playback in any aspect ratio.
  • Downloads Built-In: Clients can easily transfer large videos, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  • Completely Ad-Free: Vidflow prioritizes a premium viewing experience by eliminating ads and recommendations.
  • Displaying Brand and Links: Filmmakers can showcase their company name and logo, driving traffic to their website and social profiles.
  • Matching Colors & Fonts: Vidflow allows users to theme their galleries with brand colors and fonts, ensuring a cohesive visual identity.
  • White-Label Client Experience: Utilize your own website’s custom domain name and custom browser favicon, removing all Vidflow branding for a completely white-label experience.
  • Branded Email Delivery: Vidflow enables filmmakers to send clients a branded email invite to access their gallery, complete with the option to save templates for quick delivery.
  • Share Private Links: Securely send unlisted share links with optional password protection, ensuring controlled access.
  • Track Views, Downloads: Filmmakers can confirm delivery success by tracking stats on video views and downloads.


Eazyflicks, the video delivery platform

Developed by a small UK-based husband and wife team, EazyFlicks aims to simplify the delivery process for images and films and understands the unique needs of independent wedding shooters.

Key Features:

All-in-One Delivery: EazyFlicks offers a unified platform for delivering both photo and video content, allowing clients to view their entire wedding collection in one place.

Streamlined Workflow: The platform boasts a no-fuss dashboard, ensuring that collections and media stay organized, simplifying the overall workflow for busy creators.

Versatile Sharing Options: Users can effortlessly share individual films or embed them directly onto their websites, providing flexibility in how content is presented and shared.

Branding at the Forefront: EazyFlicks enables creatives to maintain a consistent brand presence by allowing them to add their logo, ensuring that it remains visible throughout the entire deliverable.

Full Feature Set:

  • Photo & Video Support: EazyFlicks supports both photo and video content, catering to the diverse needs of wedding professionals.
  • GIF Support: Users can enhance their storytelling with GIF support, adding dynamic elements to their delivered content.
  • 4K Support: The platform accommodates 4K content, ensuring that high-resolution videos can be showcased at their best quality.
  • Video Hosting: EazyFlicks provides video hosting capabilities, eliminating the need for external platforms.
  • Branding Control: Users can add their logo and choose from various collection styles, allowing them to maintain a personalized and branded presentation.
  • Client Interaction: Branded emails, mobile downloads, source file downloads, and client favorites features contribute to a client-friendly and interactive experience.
  • Customization Options: Shooters have the flexibility to choose custom fonts and colors, tailoring the look of their galleries to match their unique style.
  • Gallery Expiry Date: EazyFlicks offers control over gallery expiry dates, providing an added layer of security and control over content access.

Wedding Video Delivery: Key Takeaway

Whether it’s the purpose-built design and security of MediaZilla, the customizable interfaces of Vidflow, or the simplicity and branding prowess of EazyFlicks, these platforms redefine how wedding videographers showcase their masterpieces.

And while you are choosing your video delivery platform, let us handle the editing process, transforming your footage into a captivating and unforgettable visual story.