60-seconds-video with the key moments of the wedding. Perfectly prepared to be posted on social media
Short Highlight
2-3 minute long, concise, cinematic video, showcasing the key moments and emotions of a wedding day
4-9 minute long cinematic edit that highlights the most vivid and important moments of the wedding
Long Highlight
Extended, 10-19 minutes version of highlight that depicts a bit elongated segments of the wedding, such as vows and some toasts
Full Documentary
20-60 minute long movie about your ceremony that depicts all that was going on during the wedding in chronological order
Top Package Highlight + Full Documentary
$850 $1090
The most popular package that consists of 4-10 min highlight and 20-60 minute documentary film
Videographer's Reel
A showreel of the videographer's best works. It includes edited footage from a variety of weddings, sound design, and AI quality improvement.
All our service packages include:
  • Editing up to 10 hours of RAW material
  • Composite video from up to 3 cams including drone
  • Adding the interview with guests (if requested)
  • Color correction
  • Video stylization
  • Visual effects adding
  • Time lapse video applying
  • Music picking
  • Mastering audio to improve voice tone and levels
  • Sound/Audio correction
  • Text adding
  • Digital Stabilization
  • Project file in Premiere Pro or FCPX or DaVinci
  • Two rounds of corrections
  • 480p-4k

Need longer timing, advanced color grading, sound design or contrariwise just a rough cut for future creative edit?
Let’s book a call to discuss your request.

Reach out to us for a special pricing if you shoot 50+ weddings a year

14 days turnaround

We can guarantee 14 days turnaround if you booked our service in advance. Just share your calendar of shootings and let's plan the year together!

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Work process


Complete the Order Now form


Upload your footage


Pay the invoice

We edit


Review the edit

Two rounds of corrections


Download the videos
and project files

For your first order, we can offer a 50/50 payment option – you pay the deposit and the rest when you receive the result. You also have an unlimited number of corrections for the first edit.


How am I billed for my edits?

For the first edit, you can pay a 50% retainer and the rest after completion. Then we work with 100% pre-payment.

What payment methods do you offer?

We use Stripe for payment processing. You can securely pay us using your credit card. As alternative options, we can accept PayPal or ACH transfers.

How many rounds of corrections do you offer?

Two rounds of corrections are included in the cost.

It may cost an additional fee if there is a re-edit of some video parts during the second round of the correction.

During what period can I ask for the correction included in the cost?

We guarantee a 30-day period of correction. Further, we charge $10/hr for the correction. 

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M-F: 2am – 1pm (EST)
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